This Model is an example of how you can raise funds for your Club 

Entry Ticket Income            70 x £2.50  =   £175

Horses Sold Prior to the Event    8 Races x 8 Horses x £2.00 = £128 *

Race 9 Auction Income                  On Average ~ £100 **

Income From Betting on the 9 Races      Based on 70 people @ £1 per race £160

Total Gross Income for your Race Night  £563 Less the maximum cost of your

Race Night Package, £235 leaves Net amount to your Club Funds of    £328 

* You will need 8 Sponsors to Donate a Prize to the value of £10+

** You need to provide Prizes from sponsors so as to retain the whole amount bid

The cost of your package will be less if you use your own venue and / Or Compere

This Model is using High Lane Conservative Club as the Venue