General Idea of how the Night will Run

The Race Night will probably consist of 9 Races in total, this being 8 pre-sold Races and an Auction Race.

The pre-sold Races will have an Owner for each Horse and alsoA Sponsor of the Race.

The Race Sponsor should provide a Prize for the Owner of theWinning Horse ( to the value of £10+). 

For Races 1 to 8 the Details of each Race will be displayed on the Projector Screen forall to see for the duration

of the introduction of the Race, The Race Betting and after theRace for the Settlement of Winning Bets and giving

of the Prize to the Winning Owner. The introduction of each Race will announce the Sponsor of the Race The Prize to

 be won and the Names of each of the Horses and Their Owners. All this information is contained on the Big Screen Display. 

While the betting is happening, the updated odds are displayed from time to time to give an indication of what the payout may

 be on each Horse in the Race. When the betting is completed a Race is selected at random from the available Races on the

2 discs. There are a total of 18 Races, so only half of them are shown over the night which makes it impossible to know the

outcome of a Race at the Betting Stage. After the Race the winning bets are settled as per the Odds shown on the screen,

and the winning Owner is Presented with their Prize. For Race 9, The Auction, each of the 8 Horses are sold to the highest

bidder for a chance to Own a Horse in the Big Prize Race. Prizes in this Race are decided by the Club Running the Night.