The savings to be made on National Rail Journeys can be considerably greater than those made locally. The theory is very similar to the local travel. You just need to be a bit shrewd when planning your journeys.

Long Distance Journeys To Just About Anywhere.

As with local journeys, the trick is to split your journey into shorter segments that still make up the overall trip that you intended in the first place. You will end up with multiple tickets, but they will be for the same trains as if you had bought 1 direct ticket. You may have to put some work in on this one as there are so many different ways of splitting the segments of longer journeys. One of the first things to notice is that it's nearly always cheaper to book single journeys as opposed to returns on most routes apart from standard routes like Manchester to London/Birmingham Glasgow etc. Because there are so many possibilities it's not practical to give any examples, just try different options for splitting up your journey. Another reason it can be cheaper to split the journey is that if you begin before the Off-Peak time then you can have a ticket for a short part of your journey but your second sector could be in the Off-Peak time, making it cheaper.